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Who are these guys?

2009-10-04 19:46:45 by Harbour

Hey :D

Harbour is finally here at newgrounds!

Be expecting techno/dance/trace music from us, 'cause we're just cool like that.

You might be wondering who are these harbour people? Well to put it simply we are kids trying to make some music... obviously. Our group consists basically of Aaron (is the guy who is writing this) and Tyler (is amazing with making beats) and Nathan (is fresh). Since we're so kind and don't want you to get confused, we'll put the name of whoever wrote a post or made a song at the end.
Oh, and to make things even more fun, we'll add like a signature smiley at the end of each song we post so you know who made it. Collab ones will have more then one smiley. Isn't it so organized? I like being organized. :D
aaron d-_-b
tyler o.o
nathan =D

- aaron <<< see that's what I mean.


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