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New Song

2012-02-12 00:05:25 by Harbour

Heh Heh Heh

Whaddup yeh brah tingz. Trance station on da Harbour front. Boats be sailin' by. Seagulls be flying' high yeh lickle bois and gyals. Listen up ta de sounds of de Harbour.


Wow, evil zero bombers are evil.

Wth? This channel and DJEncryption, as well as countless other artists on newgrounds, get zero bombed like mad nowadays! Its like walking through the flock of angry seagulls, or running through a mine field in Afghanistan - you can get bombed anytime.

Seriously though? Why do people get pleasure from randomly putting zeros on people's work, without even explaining themselves. If they put a zero, but explained in a nice way why they don't like the song, I'm okay with that. But just bombing and running is stupid. And don't even get me started on the spammers and trolls here either. We've been hit by some really long spam posts that are quite vulgar and graphic in nature - and frankly we aren't impressed. In addition, what's with the top 5? Clearly the voting system here on newgrounds is screwed up.

*sigh* But what can you do? Nothing really.

- Aaron

We are not dead

2010-06-13 12:41:14 by Harbour

Hello. I doubt anyone actually reads these news posts, but it is Aaron here saying, "Harbour is not dead!"

We've (well at least Joey and I have) been practicing our musical skills. I think we are much better than when we started, but we still have a lot of work ahead of us. Anyways check out Joey's personal newgrounds page: DJEncryption.

OMG new member :D

2009-10-30 20:06:51 by Harbour

Our friend Joey was supposed to be in charge of the video making section of Harbour, but now we've decided to put him as a front line member of le Harbour. :D

Sooo consider this as a formal introduction to Joey.

Yep. We are excited too... awesome.

Kay, we're done here.
P.S. Joey's smiley is x3

You can stop reading now.

no seriously. stop reading this. -_-

- aaron

Who are these guys?

2009-10-04 19:46:45 by Harbour

Hey :D

Harbour is finally here at newgrounds!

Be expecting techno/dance/trace music from us, 'cause we're just cool like that.

You might be wondering who are these harbour people? Well to put it simply we are kids trying to make some music... obviously. Our group consists basically of Aaron (is the guy who is writing this) and Tyler (is amazing with making beats) and Nathan (is fresh). Since we're so kind and don't want you to get confused, we'll put the name of whoever wrote a post or made a song at the end.
Oh, and to make things even more fun, we'll add like a signature smiley at the end of each song we post so you know who made it. Collab ones will have more then one smiley. Isn't it so organized? I like being organized. :D
aaron d-_-b
tyler o.o
nathan =D

- aaron <<< see that's what I mean.